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Major in Women’s Studies

Bryan Tower and Kimbrough Hall on with blooming lilac bush in foreground on the WSU Pullman campus.

The major in Women’s Studies places gender and sexuality at the center of inquiry, drawing on the methodologies of the interdisciplinary field of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies. In required and elective courses for the Women’s Studies major, students work together to explore the ways that race, ethnicity, sexuality, social class, nationality, age, and ability intersect to shape gendered experience, injustice, and social change. Using an intersectional lens, students gain expertise in analyzing gendered social roles and the ways in which they affect personal lives, artistic expression, work, relationships, institutional structures, the production of knowledge, and national and international political and economic relations.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Reevaluate assumptions.
  • Analyze the structures and systems controlling and shaping the lives of people of all genders.
  • Use intersectional knowledge in practical and meaningful ways for gender equity and justice.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

The major in Women’s Studies requires a minimum of 36 credits, of which 15 credits are required in the major, 12 credits are required in Field Electives, and 9 credits are required in Interdisciplinary Electives. 15 credits of electives must be at the 300-400 level. You may view a sample four-year plan for the Women’s Studies major in the WSU Catalog.

Required Courses (15 credits)

  • W ST 101 W ST Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    OR W ST 120 Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics
  • W ST/ANTH 332 Global Feminisms OR W ST 340 Third World Women and Film OR W ST 406 Women and Work in Global Contexts
  • ST/SOC 385 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
  • W ST 481 Feminist Theory [M]
  • W ST/CRMJ 403 Violence Toward Women (CAPS)
    OR W ST 495 ReDirections in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (CAPS)

Field Electives (12 credits)

  • W ST 101: Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • W ST 120: Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics
  • W ST/ENGL 211: Sex Matters: Introduction to Queer Culture and Literature
  • W ST 220: Gender, Culture, and Science
  • W ST/SOC 300/ENGL310: Intersections Race, Class, Gender & Sexualities [M]
  • W ST 301: Introduction to Critical Race Feminism
  • W ST/SOC 302: Contemporary Masculinities
  • W ST /ENGL 309: Women Writers
  • W ST/ENGL 317: Gay and Lesbian Literature
  • W ST 321: Topics in Women’s Studies
  • W ST /ANTH 332: Global Feminisms
  • W ST/HIST 336: History of Sexualities
  • W ST 338: Gender, Race, and Popular Culture
  • W ST 340: Third World Women and Film
  • W ST/HIST 369: Queer Identities in Contemporary Cultures
  • W ST /SOC 385: Intro Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies
  • W ST/CRMJ 403: Violence Toward Women
  • W ST 406: Women and Work in Global Contexts
  • W ST 460: Gender, Race, and Nature in American Culture
  • W ST 477: Special Topics Study Abroad
  • W ST 485: Theoretical Issues in Queer Studies [M]
  • W ST 495: ReDirections in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Interdisciplinary Electives (9 credits)

  • AMDT/ W ST 422: Fat Studies
  • AMST/ENGL/HIST/W ST 216: Introduction to American Cultural Studies
  • AMST/DTC/ENGL 475: Digital Diversity
  • ANTH/W ST 316: Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
  • BIOL/W ST 307: Biology of Women
  • CES/ANTH 312: Indigenous Women in Trad & Cont Societies
  • CES/W ST 411: Asian Pacific American Women
  • CES 435: African American Women in US Society
  • CES 454: Latinas in US Culture & Society
  • COMM/W ST 464: Gender and the Media
  • ENGL/W ST 308 Introduction to Literary Criticism [M]
  • ENGL 482/W ST 482: American Literature: 1940-Present
  • FINE ART/W ST 308: Women Artists I [M]
  • FINE ART/W ST 310: Women Artists II [M]
  • HIST/W ST 298: History of Women in American Society
  • HIST/W ST 335: Women in Latin American History
  • HIST/W ST 350: European Women’s History
  • HIST/W ST 399: Lesbian and Gay History
  • HIST/ W ST 398: History of Women in the American West
  • MUS/W ST 363: Women in Music
  • PHIL/W ST 425: Philosophy and Feminism
  • POL S/ W ST 305: Gender and Politics
  • PSYCH/W ST 230: Human Sexuality
  • PSYCH/W ST 324: Psychology of Gender
  • SOC/W ST 251: The Sociology of Sex, Relationships & Marriage
  • SOC/W ST 351: The Family
  • SOC/W ST 384: Sociology of Gender
  • SOC/ W ST 390: Gender and Work
  • W ST/PHIL 462: Women and Ethics [M]

Women’s Studies seeks to:

  • Provide students with a systematic knowledge of the interdisciplinary scholarship about gender and by women and other gender minorities.
  • Enhance the qualifications of students to work in today’s diverse workplaces.
  • Further university and societal goals of diversity and equity.
  • Work for social and institutional change.