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Major in Women’s Studies

Bryan Tower and Kimbrough Hall on with blooming lilac bush in foreground on the WSU Pullman campus.Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender at the center of inquiry. Central to the consideration of gender are the ways class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and ability shape the female and male experience.

Students learn how gendered social roles affect personal lives, artistic expression, work, social relationships, institutional structures, the production of knowledge, and national and international political and economic relations.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Reevaluate assumptions.
  • Analyze the structures and systems controlling and shaping the lives of people of all genders.
  • Use knowledge in practical and meaningful ways.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

You may view a sample four-year plan for the Women’s Studies major in the WSU Catalog.

Core Courses (12 hours)

  • W ST 201: Critical Frameworks in Gender Studies
  • CES 201: Foundations of Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • W ST/CES/SOC 300: Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
  • W ST/CRMJ 403 Violence Toward Women (CAPS) OR CES405/ENGL 410: Cultural Criticism and Theory (CAPS) OR CES 489 Everyday Struggles for Justice and Equality (CAPS)

Sub-Core (6 hours)

Choose two (2) courses from:

  • W ST 332/ANTH 317: Global Feminisms
  • W ST 369: Queer Identities in Contemporary Cultures
  • W ST 406: Women and Work in Global Contexts
  • W ST 481: Feminist Theory
  • W ST/SOC 385: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender  Studies OR
    W ST 485: Theoretical Issues in Queer Studies

Elective Courses (18 hours)

Six (6) elective courses are required for the women’s studies major, for a total of 18 credit hours. Elective choices must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Four (4) electives must be upper-division (300– and 400-level) courses.
  • Four (4) electives must be W ST courses.
  • One (1) elective must be a CES course; up to two (2) electives may be CES courses.
  • Courses cross-listed between CES and W ST may be counted as either a W ST or a CES elective course.
  • Sub-core course choices not counted toward the sub-core requirement may be used as electives.
  • Electives may be cross-listed with other departments.

Suggested Elective Choices

  • W ST 120: Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics
  • W ST/ENGL 211: Sex Matters
  • CES/ENGL 220: Introduction to Multicultural Literature
  • W ST 220: Gender, Culture, and Science
  • W ST/PSYCH 230: Human Sexuality
  • CES/HIST 280: Race and the Law in American History
  • W ST 301: Introduction to Critical Race Feminism
  • W ST 302: Contemporary Masculinity and Men’s Issues
  • BIOLOGY 307: Biology of Women
  • W ST 308: Women Artists I
  • W ST /ENGL 309: Women Writers
  • W ST 310: Women Artists II
  • W ST /ANTH 316: Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
  • W ST/ENGL 317: Gay and Lesbian Literature
  • W ST/PSYCH 324: Psychology of Gender
  • CES 325: Traveling Cultures: Tourism in Global Perspective
  • CES 331/ENGL 321: African American Literature
  • W ST /ANTH 332: Global Feminisms
  • CES 335/HIST 317: Black Freedom Struggle
  • W ST 336: History of Sexualities
  • W ST 338: Women and Popular Culture
  • W ST 340: Third World Women and Film
  • W ST/SOC 351: The Family
  • CES/ENGL 353: Chicana/o – Latina/o Literature
  • W ST 363: Women in Music
  • W ST 369: Queer Identities in Contemporary Cultures
  • CES 372/ANTH 312: Indigenous Women in Trad & Cont Societies
  • W ST/SOC 384: Sociology of Gender
  • W ST /SOC 385: Intro Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Stds
  • W ST/HIST 399: Lesbian and Gay History
  • W ST/CRMJ 403: Violence Toward Women
  • CES 405/ENGL 410: Cultural Criticism and Theory
  • W ST 406: Women and Work in Global Contexts
  • CES 407: Race, Gender, and the Prison Industrial Complex
  • W ST/CES 411: Asian Pacific American Women
  • W ST 460: Gender, Race, and Nature in American Culture
  • W ST/COMM 464: Gender and the Media
  • AM ST/WS T 475: Digital Diversity
  • W ST 481: Feminist Theory
  • W ST 485: Theoretical Issues in Queer Studies

Women’s Studies seeks to:

  • Provide students with a systematic knowledge of the multidisciplinary scholarship about gender and by women and other gender minorities.
  • Enhance the qualifications of students to work in today’s diverse workplaces.
  • Further university and societal goals of diversity and equity.
  • Work for social and institutional change.