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Program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
4 diverse women in graduation regalia smile broadly.
Celebrating WSU Commencement 2018: Brenda Rodriguez Lopez (women’s studies major), Kayley DeLong (queer studies minor), Alejandrx Martinez (women’s studies major), and Basheera Agyeman (WGSS student).

Welcome to the Program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

At this important moment in history—from #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo and everything in between—the Program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at WSU offers interdisciplinary courses in which students work together to explore the questions that these social justice movements pose, and the ways that race, ethnicity, sexuality, social class, nationality, age, and ability intersect to shape understanding of gendered experience and injustice.

WGSS places gender and sexuality at the center of inquiry in research and teaching. Using an intersectional lens, students learn how to analyze gendered social roles and the ways in which they affect personal lives, artistic expression, work, social relationships, institutional structures, the production of knowledge, and national and international political and economic relations.

WGSS offers a major in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, which requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. The program also offers minors in Women’s Studies and Queer Studies. Students interested in declaring a major or minor should contact the program director, Pamela Thoma, professor of English.

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Celebrating 2022 WGSS Graduates, Scholarships, and Awards

WGSS Graduating Majors

  • Aydan Miner
  • Ariana Marvin

Outstanding Senior

  • Aydan Miner

WSU Top Ten Senior Award (for Community Service)

  • Aydan Miner
Pauline E. Thompson Scholarship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Yaya Mejia
  • Katelin Grant
  • Lucy Perry
Johanna Busek Scholarship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Milo Edwards
  • Alecia Burgett
Celia Forrest Award in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Milo Edwards
WGSS Internship & Community Service Award
  • Milo Edwards
WGSS Scholarly Achievement Award
  • Parker Johnson, First Place
  • Alecia Burgett, First Place
  • Kaitlin Grant, Honorable Mention
  • Lucy Perry, Honorable Mention
WGSS Creative Achievement Award
  • Lucy Perry


InQueery 2022:                   Connecting Trans and Reproductive Justice

October 19, 2022

Keynote:                                                       Dr. Jules Gill-Peterson 

“DIY Lessons in Freedom: Tracing Histories of Abortion and Transition”




Upcoming Events

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In recent days, we have watched with growing concern the legal attempts in various states across the nation to attack and eradicate trans and queer lives—from Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” education bill to Idaho’s HB675 that makes it a felony for trans youth to access healthcare. These draconian steps are part of larger attempts to attack access to abortions, reproductive and gender confirming healthcare, and bodily autonomy. Such events highlight the importance and urgency of feminist and queer pedagogies in our classrooms, on our campuses, in our communities. We extend our solidarity with all those who are fighting these transphobic and homophobic bills.
If you want to support a trans-led group in your state, please see the Trans Justice Funding project’s grantee list here.

WGSS Statement on Solidarity with #BLM
National Women’s Studies Association Statement

WGSS seeks to

  • Provide students with a systematic knowledge of interdisciplinary scholarship about gender and by women and other gender and sexual minorities.
  • Enhance the qualifications of students for today’s diverse workplaces.
  • Advance university and societal goals of diversity and equity.
  • Lead transformational education and research initiatives.